Colts Neck, NJ – June 9, 2016       Team Life, a medical training provider and safety equipment supplier with locations in Colts Neck, Middlesex, and Cherry Hill, NJ, has recently been approved as an authorized American Heart Association Training Center. “This accreditation will enable Team Life to service its customers faster and more efficiently by having specific certification information on site,” says Jim Schatzle, Founder and President of Team Life, Inc.  We are proud of our mission statement: “TEAM LIFE believes […]
A medical training app is a great way to learn much needed medical skills online in your own home. You are able to use a medical training app if you really want to learn a lot about your medical education from home without going into a library or working with someone at your school. It is simple to get started with one, and you won’t have to do anything beyond paying for it and downloading it. Medical Training App a […]
There is a common phrase that states that “there’s an app for that” in reference to just about anything that you are look for. This phrase was commonly associated with iPhones. It’s was only supposed to be humorous, but it’s starting to take on meaning as more and more developers push the envelope. One of the coolest and possibly best apps is the iPhone CPR app. Few people may know that this exists, but they should because it can save […]
No one plans on an accident, but they are part of life. They happen to everyone and can come at the most unlikely times. Planning ahead, in order to be ready for one of these unfortunate events can be the difference between life and death. Taking a first aid class, putting together a first aid box and knowing how to reach help are some of the best ways to be prepared. Because of modern technology there are also some great […]
In a day and age where technology is at ones finger tips, a CPR app is available to help save lives. This app is free to those trained in CPR and will notify them of when a close by emergency may need assistance. While a paramedic is on route, a first responder such as someone with a CPR app can save a life. Up until now, someone not in sight of the emergency would not be able to assist. Now […]
Everyone takes a CPR class at least once in order to get through school, and many people have to take additional certification because they work in the medical field, the prison system or dozens of other jobs where you have to know what to do in an emergency situation. Of course, like any knowledge, if you aren’t regularly refreshing your skills with CPR, when the critical moment comes you’re quite likely to forget everything you knew. Fortunately there’s an app […]
Technological advancements are improving every area of our lives and CPR training is just one of them. The new Android CPR app is available now for a free download to your Android phone. The potentially life-saving videos are easy to download and equally easy to use. There are several videos as well as a number of illustrations. The animations provide excellent and useful methods to follow. The production of the app was made possible because of many who were convinced […]